Training Programs to BCGR Employees

As successive cycles of rehabilitation programmes are completed and number of ex-combatants at PARCC continues to decline following their release, the BCGR’s focus is now shifting to monitoring their reintegration process. The BCGR is also turning its attention to providing training to its staff in order that their services could be utilized for rehabilitation of prisoners & others in the future.

For this purpose CGR has taken the initiative, taking time off his busy schedule, to organize a three-day training work shop for the staff at BCGR Head Quarters on 5th -7th October 2011.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Rehabilitation & Prison reform,Mr, A. Dissanayake who delivered the Key note Speech at the inaugural ceremony, emphasized the " importance of training in developing individual professional skills contributing to team work to achieve national goals [through increased productivity] in the march towards country's development."

CGR explained the following training objectives,

1.Educate the participants on basic management principles & skills in order to achieve increase in productivity more efficiently & effectively through team work.

2.Create awareness of the International Integrated DDR Standards (IDDRR) as guiding principles, preconditions, core strategies and approaches for undertaking integrated DDRR programmes compatible with the Sri Lankan situation, in order to increase the participants understanding of programmes and projects essential for peaceful development.

3.Enhance the participant's rehabilitation management skills, focusing mainly on the running of PARCC.

4.Development of positive attitudes of the participants in order to create an efficient & effective working environment to handle new tasks that may be entrusted to the Bureau.

5.To explain to participants the overall importance of developing positive attitudes for a successful life and make them aware as to how they could develop positive attitudes, skills and values in their life.

The Course consisted of presentations in plenary sessions, followed by discussion, case studies, along with specific tasks to be completed in syndicates.

CGR, Maj.Gen.Rajaguru thanked the DCGR for contributing his expertise / knowledge & experience in conducting the workshop. A similar training programme is scheduled to be held for the staff at the Welikanda PARC.