Staff Training Workshop at Walikanda

A three-day staff training workshop was held at the Protective Accommodation and Rehabilitation Centre (PARC) in Welikanda on 14 - 16 October, 2011. A total of fourteen PARC staff members, some of whom SLA officers participated in the workshop.

Rehabilitation Coordination Officer (East), Brigadier Jayathilaka, who delivered the inaugural address on this occasion, highlighted the importance of the training session for improving the efficiency of each individual staff member and creating greater awareness of the need for team work to achieve institutional goals through enhanced productivity. He expressed his appreciation of the contribution made by the Deputy Commissioner General of Rehabilitation, Modestus Fernando by designing and conducting the training workshop.

The main objectives of the Work-shop were;

• Teach participants basic management principles, skills development and the pertinence of team work that would enable them to become more efficient and increase their productivity.

• Create awareness among the participants of International Integrated DDR Standards as guiding principles, preconditions, core strategies and approaches for undertaking integrated DDR programs in Sri Lanka in a manner compatible with the our national context in order to deepen participant's awareness and appreciation of programs and projects that are invaluable for peaceful development.

• Enhance participant's capabilities in rehabilitation techniques and management skills of specific relevance to PARCC.

• Develop positive attitudes to enable participants to utilize such frame of mind to create a favourable working environment to undertake, with confidence and efficiency, any new tasks that may be entrusted to the Bureau.

• Make the participants adopt and apply a positive attitude towards all aspects of their life, both official and personal, to enhance their own quality of life and achieve greater satisfaction in coping with life’s challenges successfully.

The workshop was a continuation of the Training Programs conducted before to enhance the knowledge and efficiency of the employees of the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation (refer Update on 2011-10-10 02:10:34 Hours in this web site).