Rehabilitation and Reintegration Support programmes launched by BCGR on February 13th, 2012

Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation has established Rehabilitation Support Cells at Security Forces Head quarters level; located in the districts of Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullathivu, Vavuniya, Batticaloa in the Northern and Eastern Provinces ,as well as in Colombo and suburbs.

Main task of the Cells will be to provide continuing support to ex-combatants who have been rehabilitated and re-integrated to Society. Programs to be implemented by the Cells will consist of assistance to re-integrated ex-combatants to take their place as peaceful and productive members of their communities.

Rebuilding the social fabric of the communities in identified sectors will be the central focus through psychosocial programs, music, art, theatre, sport, cultural and spiritual activities all of which serve as means of achieving healing and understanding.

In supporting the efforts to attain economic independence by the ex-combatants, access will be facilitated to productive livelihood and income-generating activities through the provision of small grants and by assisting in the creation of linkages between communities and development agencies. There will be continued focus on formal education, vocational / professional training, employment schemes and micro-enterprise for individual ex-combatants.

The Cells will encourage re-integrated ex-combatants to start a new life as useful citizens and avoid the risk of being led astray again.

Special attention will be paid by the cells to those encountering difficulties due to post trauma disorder, by providing Counseling and Psychosocial support.

Each cell will consist of a Rehabilitation Officer (National cadet corps teacher) as its head and necessary staff all of whom have been closely associated with the rehabilitation process.

Thus a team of experienced officers with full knowledge of the background of the ex-combatants will be available in the respective area of cell responsibility, to assist the ex-combatants in a friendly manner, until they are firmly settled within their own Community.

Briefing the staff on this occasion, CGR Major General Chandana Rajaguru underlined the importance of adopting right attitude and positive approach in discharging their duties as cell members. He also called for higher level of discipline and cooperation with all the stake holders operating at district level in order to secure their support to the ex-combatants.

Col GS Colonel MB de S Jayathilaka read out and explained the Standing Orders Circular prepared specifically for this purpose to make clear the instructions to all the participants at the briefing session.