Farewell to the CGR Major General Chandana Rajaguru

Major General Chandana Rajaguru, who functioned as Commissioner General of Rehabilitation since August 15, 2011 in addition to his substantive duties as Director General, Infantry at the Army Headquarters, has reverted with effect from 22.02.2012 to his substantive post. Brigadier D.D.U.K Hettiarrachchi, hitherto Divisional Commander of the 22nd Division, Trincomalee has been appointed as new Commissioner General of Rehabilitation on a full-time basis.

During his term of office as CGR, under the purview of the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms, Major General Chandana Rajaguru has discharged his responsibilities with commitment utilizing his knowledge and long years of experience as a military officer. Under his initiative, a mechanism has also been put in place to provide assistance to those who have been reintegrated into society following successful rehabilitation including a post-rehabilitation monitoring system with the help of civil affairs coordinating officers of the army. The welfare society which has been established during his tenure would be an excellent opportunity for trainees to find market outlets for handicrafts and creative objects produced by them. The mechanism put in place for the trainees to receive their due share of the sales proceeds is expected to be of great benefit to them. The trainees have thus been provided the opportunity to establish clubs through which they can engage in sports arts and business activities as small group enterprises.

During his tenure, Major General Rajaguru took steps to further expand and develop rehabilitation activities. He particularly took a keen interest in securing for the trainees more opportunities for vocational training, to pursue aesthetic studies and develop their full potential in performing arts. The procedure brought in to effect by him to ensure the release on the relevant due date, of ex-combatants rehabilitated in terms of Court directive, has been very much appreciated by the trainees themselves.

The Bureau expresses its sincere thanks and appreciation to Major General Rajaguru for his guidance and the concern he displayed for the well being of all who served under him. The Bureau conveys its best wishes for his future success.